Project review

As private development and public works projects continue to change the face of our region, we work hard to ensure that traveling by bike becomes more — not less — convenient and safe.

We do this in a number of ways:

The Railyards

– Meeting directly with developers and public agencies about proposed projects. These meetings let us ask questions, identify potential impacts on people traveling by bike and suggest improvements.

– Commenting and testifying on the scope and content of the environmental review for proposed projects. To ensure that the environmental review process adequately addresses the needs of people traveling by bike, we have an environmental planner on staff and we also maintain strong relationships with engineers, planners and other consultants who advise us when needed. We also regularly testifying before planning commissions and city councils about these projects.

– Working with strategic allies to support or fight significant projects. We led a coalition campaign for crucial safety improvements on Carlson Drive near the Sac State University campus in East Sacramento. We also worked closely with groups supporting the Freeport Blvd. bike improvements in Sacramento’s Land Park neighborhood and opposing the disastrous Cordova Hills development east of Rancho Cordova.

logoWe’re also routinely invited to participate as a stakeholder in the early stages of major proposed projects. We represent people on bikes in forums organized by public agencies to help shape such major long-term projects as the Capital SouthEast Connector, Green Line to the Airport and Plan Folsom Blvd., as well as the proposed bike share system. And we represent people on bikes on advisory committees and working groups such as the SACOG Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee and Sacramento State University Bicycle Task Force.